A success story

Who We Are

SCANCODE is an innovative ICT company vetted by Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) through incubation. The company established by young Tanzanian innovators in year 2014, registered in Tanzania at BRELA.

The company is embarking on innovative projects for consumer products verification, fraud detection solutions, Asset management software and development of traceability systems/software through mobile devices/phones.

One of SCANCODE projects includes a mobile platform that empowers consumer to verify authenticity of products for certified brands in the market. The mobile app enables customers to scan QR Codes, Data Matrix Codes & other Authentic Barcodes by using mobile phone for validity check.

Furthermore SCANCODE enables to discover more information of genuine products which includes real images captured with additional details and features of the original products and brands. The service adds value to products commercially and digitally.

  • Mission

    To innovate friendly, authenticate products, provide industry and companies with cutting-edge software, deliver desirable brand positioning in the marketplace and demonstrate good corporate responsibility.

  • Vision

    To become a trusted source of data by providing accurate digital information about products as a critical part of building trust with consumers and enterprises while combating counterfeit and product fraud in the industry by 2025.